Many of Ink&Loom's pieces are upholstered with recycled Indian block print textiles.  Created by master artisans in India, block printing is a centuries old process of carving intricate designs by hand into blocks of wood.  The carved blocks are then inked and hand stamped onto fabric that is ultimately made into fabric yardage, table and bed linens, fashions, and much more.


We particularly love this signature one of a kind fabric. Cotton muslin is laid as padding on block print worktables in India. Master artisans then use hand-carved wooden blocks to stamp designs on fabric. Our underlay fabric absorbs excess ink during the stamping process. Days or weeks may go by before this underlay fabric is pulled off the worktable. The depth of color and random patterns from dozens of different block designs remain on the fabric, creating a texture and firmness suitable for upholstery with a one-of-a-kind design.


With origins in Bangladesh, kantha quilts are hand stitched from recycled sari cloth. Vintage saris and assorted cloth scraps are stitched together by women to create throws used as blankets and cushions. Kantha refers to the type of stitch used in the embroidery, creating a wavy, textured quality. Kanthas are two sided with different patterns on each side. In rural India, kanthas are offered to guests as a welcome into the home.  


Suzani are a type of decorative and embroidered tribal textile made in Central Asian countries. There is typically a cotton fabric base with colorful silk or cotton embroidery thread, depicting intricate design motifs. Traditionally, suzani's were created by brides as part of their dowry to be presented to the groom on their wedding day. They were also bartered in exchange for money or household necessities. The handcrafted workmanship is truly extraordinary.


Indian block print fabrics, suzani and kantha quilts are some of our favorites, but we also adore gypsy style patchwork, intricate embroideries and crewelwork pieces...really, we love any global textile that has an interesting story to tell. 

It's just a habit with us.  We see it, we like it, we collect it.   

In addition to pairing our global textiles with local furniture, you'll see some miscellaneous textiles on our website that just caught our eye.  It might be new cotton, patchwork or embroidery fabrics, rugs, scarves, or bedspreads. Sometimes, it's a perfect piece to upcycle the ottoman we found at a thrift store. Other times, we sew up down filled pillows with linen backs.